Marcus Aurelius wrote a journal entry everyday. His journal is incredible. It kicked off stoicism and has fuelled Ryan Holiday to write some incredible books. This is foreshadowing and will connect to building a growth model if you continue reading. If not, you learned something new about Marcus Aurelius and maybe, discovered two of my favourite books.

I work on the ClearAngel product at Clearbanc and we recently started modeling the future. This is a dangerous and exciting time for any team. …

Maybe it’s all of the audio books but since becoming a father nearly seven years ago, I have found that my ability to write in prose and in long form has diminished. I used to read and I used to write. Today, I tend to listen and talk.

I love to talk, and do my best thinking while talking. I talk to get my point across to others, but more recently I have realized that I talk for myself. It’s like washing ideas through the river of thought. Each time I dip them in, they come out a little cleaner.

One of my most read articles is this one about React. What’s funny is that I wrote a lot of React 4–5 years ago, and almost none in the past 3years.

At Tilt, we were early to React and even brought in its co-creator, (I forget his name but he was instrumental in building it at Instagram) to give us a React bootcamp. Having spent a lot of time programming I could tell then that this is how the industry would move. …

Step 1. Buy a physical book of a language or framework you want to learn.

Step 2. Set a timer and make sure that you read for at least 10mins a day.

Step 3. Read with a purpose.

Step 4. Write out all code in the book by hand and make sure it runs.

Sitting outside the Eaton Center on cool August day I tore through the first few chapters of The Pragmatic Programmer. I was in 2nd year University and wanted to be a doctor. …

A Venture Stories conversation with Andrew D’Souza, CEO of Clearbanc and Ali Hamed, investor at CoVenture.

“Good VCs want to fund technical risk, they don’t want to fund ad spend. Nearly half of our best companies have come from VC partner referrals.”

— Andrew D’Souza, CEO of Clearbanc

It can be really hard for founders to put a price on their future company but this is precisely what you have to do when you raise an equity round.

Clearbanc’s CEO Andrew D’Souza sat down with Ali Hamed and Erik Torenberg of Venture Stories to talk about fundraising options, the cost…

Getting a book published, turning Able Cells into a business.

Arnold, Pumping Iron

For everyone who has been following along 2019 should be a fantastic year for Nick. He has a print copy of his book in hand and has decided to set the goal of getting it published.

Kent had an epiphany over the break and decided that Able Cells is a business, not a side project.

And Nick and Kent share one of their favourite new inspirational videos from Arnold himself.



Obligatory Shopify Admin screenshot to show you I am legit AF.

I started a e-commerce store in September 2017 that does about $400 a day in revenue. I get asked about the tools, systems and products I use often, in this post I will share what works for me.

I don’t dropship, I buy, hold, and ship all inventory.

Daily revenue: $400-$700

E-commerce: Shopify

Shopify Theme: Debut

Shopify Apps: Clearbanc, Delerious Profit, Intercom, MailChimp, Now Back in Stock, Product Reviews, Product Reviews Addon, Sitemapper

Shipping: Canada Post, UPS Brown, DHL

Pick and Pack: N/A

Products: Keto and nootropic products

Wholesale buying: Hubba, Instagram, direct

Reviews: Shopify Reviews

Payment processor: Stripe, PayPal…

It’s possible to live in a world without ads.

This is hard coming from someone who makes ads on a weekly basis. Advertising has it’s place but it also has it’s limitations. The business model works, and if you have the goods, it pays well but I can’t shake what happened today.

I was excited to pay for YouTube Premium which has finally arrived in Canada. I was giddy watching payment go through, I would have paid twice as much for it.

YouTube earned this excitement with it’s amazing platform, relevant recommendations, and contrary to what some parents believe, a…

In this episode, Nick and I talk about the vision of Pencil Problems going forward and how we would try and pitch it to potential sponsors. We also kick-off Parent Corner around 1:03. Enjoy

Listen to Pencil Problems #19

Watch me edit it here.

Nick and I have a podcast called Pencil Problems, it’s a show about starting and finishing side projects.

When people find out that we have a podcast we inevitably get asked, “How do you edit it?”

This video shows you how.

Thank you to Olivia Nashmi for the REAPER tutorial.

You can listen to Pencil Problems #18 <- there

Kent Fenwick

VP of Growth @clearbanc. I help companies grow. At the intersection of marketing, software development and product.

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